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June 28, 2012

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IDSO Dinner during ID Week

The fall IDSO dinner will be held on Friday October 19th in San Diego as part of ID Week.  The location and time of the dinner is TBA but feel free to RSVP at any time so we can have an idea of how large of a room to reserve.  More details to follow in a few weeks.

IDSO Spring Meeting

It is never too early to being planning for our annual spring meeting.  Please feel free to send me any speaker or topic ideas you would like us to consider.

Our New VP: Denise Signs

I would like to thank Dr Denise Signs ( from Wooster for agreeing to be the VP for IDSO.  She will serve as VP for 2 years and then become the next IDSO President.  Denise did her residency in Akron and her ID fellowship in Rochester, New York.  According to Denise:

“I am strictly a small community hospital ID consultant in a 120 bed hospital for the past 5 yrs.  I loved academics but not the politics or having to pick a few things to specialize in, in a large group where everyone divides the duties.  I used to run the HIV clinic at Summa in Akron, but now I just have about 30 HIV patients, having been treating HepC, Chair Infection Control, am certified in wound care and work in our wound care center, have headed up an Antimicrobial Stewardship program with my PharmD, and develop new protocols as new guidelines come out for our Hospitalists (now working on a multidisciplinary diabetic foot infection team per new IDSA guidelines). I even have a smattering of Travel Medicine consults – malaria, onchercerciasis, a calcified bladder from chronic schisto, etc.  So, though I don’t have an impressive list of credentials, I have a lot of fun.  I hope to be able to represent the many small town specialists in ID across Ohio who tries to make a difference, even if, for today, I give a Hand Hygiene lecture to the ICU nurses instead of a scholarly lecture on the role of chemokines in HIV pathogenesis.”

First Annual IDSO Fellows Board Review Course

In April we hosted 19 fellows representing every ID fellowship in the state of Ohio for an intense and fast paced ID board review.  It was a very successful event and we become an annual meeting.  Based on feedback, I am looking forward to an even better course in 2013.  Planning for the event will begin this fall.

Regional Councilors

Here is a list of our current regional councilors.  We are in need of a new representative from Toledo.  If you know of anyone who is interested please let me know

Akron/Canton: Thomas M. File, Jr., MD

Cincinnati: Lisa Haglund, MD

Cleveland: K.V. Gopal, MD

Columbus: Susan L. Koletar, MD

Dayton: Thomas Herchline, MD

Toledo: TBA

Website and Twitter Account

Don’t forget to visit the website or follow us on twitter (@IDSOh).  I will try and do a better job in the coming months of keeping the website up to date.

Membership Dues

Contact Cynthia Coles ( if you have not paid your yearly dues for 2012.  We are always willing to accept your money!

Contact me

If you have any issues where you need the help of the IDSO, please feel free to contact me.  My Cell number is 937-475-174 and my email address is


Steve Burdette

President, IDSO

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