IDSO Annual Meeting Survey (7/2/2020)

Dear IDSO Members: Please respond regarding your interest in having our annual IDSO meeting as a virtual meeting. We are currently looking at mid-September and early to mid- October as options. Please let us know when you are interested in having the meeting and if you are interested in having the meeting during the week (maybe a Friday) or as usual on a Saturday. Your prompt response would be greatly appreciated.

IDSO Vice President Nominations (7/2/2020)

It is time for IDSO VP nominations. Please send nomination(s) for members who are interested in being the IDSO Vice President. The term will start as soon as the Vice President is appointed – April 2022 then serving as President. Please send your nominations by Friday, July 17th to our current President - Constantine Tsigrelis, MD

Summary of Infectious Diseases Guidelines

(**NEW** COVID-19 section)